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Check Out the Royal Palace in Brussels

January 10, 2018
Brussels holds an immeasurable amount of culture and history, which is just waiting to be explored. The historic and regal architecture is what the city is mainly known by, apart from its vast number of renowned restaurants, bars and the nightlife scene. While there are plenty of tours that offer such an opportunity, we recommend visiting the Royal Palace of Brussels for a more unique and historical insight.
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Celebrate New Year in Brussels

December 25, 2017
Are you planning on visiting Brussels? Do you wish to get your hands on and taste the world-renowned Belgian chocolate? Well then now is the time to get that well-deserved vacation, and what better to do it than celebrating the New Year. During your trip to this historic Belgian city of Brussels, we have written about some things that you can do and take part in so that you can celebrate your New Year in style.
Thumbnail for Must See Christmas Spots in Brussels

Must See Christmas Spots in Brussels

December 18, 2017
Christmas has arrived and so has its yearly traditions of carol singing and tree lighting. Brussels, known throughout Europe for its detailed architecture is a picture of wonder during the winter, especially when covered by snow. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, this city can easily change your mind. As you wander through the streets this winter, we have written about some must-see spots in Brussels that will bring out your hidden Christmas cheer and make your trip memorable.
Thumbnail for Explore Brussels in December

Explore Brussels in December

December 07, 2017
Winter is finally here and so is the time to start planning for the holidays. Europe may not be the preferred option for many who want to work on their tan, but if you love a white Christmas then you will surely love Brussels. With abundant snowfall, the atmosphere in this Belgian city can become quite electric. Early December is an ideal time to plan out a vacation and explore an entirely new city.

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