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Tips & Articles

Brussels, Belgium » Entertainment » Restaurants

Dining in Brussels is always a delight and the city offers an extensive variety of cuisines for all the foodies. The city that houses numerous world-famous attractions is also famous for its gastronomy which is considered to be one of the best in the entire European region.

The Belgian food is predominantly prepared with the best seasonal and fresh ingredients and the restaurants in Brussels also follow that adage. So if you are looking for a place to eat premium Belgian meals check out our exclusive list of handpicked restaurants. However while going on tours in and around Brussels, keep in mind to eat where the locals eat.


Bombay Inn ( Visit Site )

This place has been active for nearly 30 years and an important networking location for business and leisure travellers. Bombay Inn is a restaurant that worth visiting for its Indian cuisine made especially for its distinguished customers. Food preparations of all tastes are available but the preferred one is Indian. Share the warmth in service and the additional choice of being able to place orders in French, English, Dutch, Hindi, and Urdu or in Bangla language. The cuisine offers delicious meals for all kinds of people, vegetarians and non-vegetarians, Spicy, medium and mild seasoning food lovers.

Address: Rue de la fourche 38, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
Tel.: +32 2 2195954


Bon - Bon ( Visit Site )

Located beyond the city centre of Brussels, this sophisticated restaurant offers innovative dishes with a difference. The well known chef, Christophe Hardiquest has worked in many of Brussels’ top restaurants. The menu changes regularly offering new and surprising dishes which come from the freshest ingredients and flavours, influenced by the Mediterranean. The meat and fish dishes are especially delicious, complemented by a unique side order.

Address: Avenue de Tervueren 453 1150 Brussels, Belgium
Tel.: +32 2 3466615


Hotel Auberge Restaurant AB

This restaurant is situated in the St Gilles area of Brussels. This is a family run restaurant which gives it a very humble feel and welcoming atmosphere. The chef is French, Marc Louradour, who is responsible for all the cooking whilst his wife serves up the customers. The specialities at the restaurant include a leg of lamb and duck breasts complemented by side dishes of vegetables and sauces. It is not the most extravagant of places but certainly holds a respectable reputation amongst the locals.

Address: Rue Bosquet 58, 1060 Saint-Gilles, Belgium
Tel.: +32 2 5441315


Restaurant de L'Ogenblik ( Visit Site )

Specializing in the Belgian cuisine, one must visit this place to taste authentic Belgium food. Most suited for group bookings.

Address: Galerie des Princes, 1, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
Tel.: +32 2 5116151, +32 2 5145597


Comme Chez Soi ( Visit Site )

A very famous French restaurant in the city situated near the Grand-Place. The menu keeps on changing often to vary the tastes and also according to the season. However, sautéed lobster with truffles and chanterelles and roast saddle of lamb are available almost all of the time and are the most favoured main course. Reservations are a must here.

Address: 23, Pl Rouppe, near Grand-Place, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
Tel.: +32 2 5122921


Comocomo ( Visit Site ) ( Visit Page )

This restaurant is one of the trendier places to be spotted in. Situated amongst the expensive designer shops in Ste Catherine & St Géry, this location definitely justifies its superiority. The restaurant has a modern and colourful interior making it a very attractive dining option. Portions of food rotate around the bar area and are colour coded. This is definitely one of the most unique restaurants in Brussels and the international cuisine is superb, make sure you try the octopus or boar Carpaccio.

Address: 19 rue Antoine Dansaert, Brussels, Belgium
Tel.: +32 2 5030330


La Quincaillerie ( Visit Site ) ( Visit Page )

This restaurant is popular among the locals. Though the place is not that big in size, the food it serves is really tasty. It has a traditional sitting arrangement with wood panelling and walls of storage drawers designed in gorgeous Art Nouveau style by Victor Horta's students. The menu includes a seafood platter, oysters, baked ham and duck with lime.

Address: Rue du Page 45, 1050, Brussels, Belgium
Tel.: +32 2 5339833


La Maison du Cygne ( Visit Site ) ( Visit Page )

This is a refined gourmet restaurant, decorated in wooden panelling and beams. It offers a Belgian and French cuisine, such as faisan roti a la Brabanconne, waterzooi de homard, veal sautéed with fresh wild mushrooms and tournedos with green peppercorns. Also some fine chicken and fish dishes are available.

Address: 2, Rue Charles Buls 1000 Brussels, Belgium
Tel.: +32 2 5118244


La Manufacture ( Visit Site ) ( Visit Page )

This is one of the popular restaurants in Brussels. It is fully decorated with hardwood floors, leather banquettes, and polished wood and stone tables. The menu includes Asian dishes like dim sum and sushi with Moroccan couscous, Lyon sausage, sliced ostrich filets with mango and green pepper, and Belgian specialties like waterzooi. On some special days, live piano music is played.

Address: Rue Notre-Dame du Sommeil 12-20, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
Tel.: +32 2 5022525


Shanti ( Visit Site )

Shanti offers pure vegetarian food for veggie lovers. Mixed vegetable and tofu dishes, Eggplant with Ricotta cheese in a tomato basil sauce are some of the specialties of this restaurant. The exotic floral arrangements with green plants all around make the atmosphere very pleasant.

Address: 68 Avenue Adolphe Buyl, 1050 Brussels, Belgium
Tel.: +32 2 6494096


Belga Queen ( Visit Site ) ( Visit Page )

Located near the Grand’ Place, this restaurant attracts many tourists but it is also popular with the locals, implying it has a good reputation. This is a classic Belgian restaurant with attractive decor, a traditional menu, however, with a modern touch. Filled with crowds of chatty food lovers, Belga Queen is especially well known for its sea food oyster bar. This restaurant can get very busy at the weekends so it is wise to book in advance.

Address: 32 rue de Fosse aux Loups, Brussels, Belgium
Tel.: +32 2 2172187


Café des Spores ( Visit Site ) ( Visit Page )

Only visit this restaurant if you are fond of mushrooms because it is said that every dish on the menu consists of this ingredient and this is no joke. The Chef has developed an obsession with experimenting with different possibilities involving his love of mushrooms. He has clearly done very well as people come from all over Europe to try his fascinating food menu. If you do like mushrooms then do visit this unique restaurant which is situated in the St Gilles area of the city of Brussels. The menu also changes daily so you are in for a surprise every time.

Address: 103 chaussée d’ Alsemberg, Brussels, Belgium
Tel.: +32 2 5341303


Chez Leon ( Visit Site ) ( Visit Page )

This is a famous dining house, decorated with simple and modern décor which attracts the locals as well as tourists. The place is popular for its mussels, frites and seafood dishes.

Address: Beenhouwersstraat 18, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
Tel.: +32 2 5130848, +32 2 5111415


Blue Elephant ( Visit Site )

A Thai food restaurant with a pleasant atmosphere, decorated with beautiful floral arrangements, deep yellow lighting and colourful painted walls. It serves tasty Thai dishes. The Salmon Curry with spices is the speciality of this restaurant.

Address: 1120 Chaussee de Waterloo, 1180 Brussels, Belgium
Tel.: +32 2 3744962


Kafenio ( Visit Site ) ( Visit Page )

Located in the EU Quarter of Brussels this restaurant is suitable for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Kafenio has not been around for long but has rapidly become one of the most popular lunch spots for the young professionals in the area. The meze buffet is especially favoured here, with approximately 50 dishes to decide upon you will be spoilt for choice. This restaurant is also suitable for a quick snack and a coffee.

Address: 134 rue Stevin, Brussels, Belgium
Tel.: +32 2 2315555