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Visit Brussels’s Tourist Park - Mini Europe

May 24, 2024
Brussels is the iconic capital city of Belgium and a well-known tourist destination for travellers who long to go backpacking across Europe. From chocolate lovers to comic book admirers, Brussels has a lot to offer for each individual- including making travel easy! If you’re one of the few visitors who want to tick off exploring Europe’s popular landmarks off your bucket list, you need not worry. All you need are tickets to Mini Europe!
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Fun Family Experiences to Try in Brussels

April 23, 2024
What makes a holiday that much more memorable? It isn’t the souvenirs or the fancy shopping, and it also isn’t the tours you take. A true vacation is memorable when you have enjoyed it with your family! Whether you have kids or are travelling with parents to Brussels, we definitely recommend trying one or all of these activities for a fun family time. You can choose based on the level of energy you need, and make some fantastic memories in return! Happy travels!
Thumbnail for 6 Must-Do Summer Activities in Brussels

6 Must-Do Summer Activities in Brussels

March 14, 2024
The city of chocolate never felt sweeter! That’s right, summer and sunlight are slowly dawning on Brussels. This warm weather is your perfect excuse to step outdoors and soak in that Vitamin D. Whether you’re booking a flight or need help planning an entertaining holiday, we’ve got you covered. Read more to find out outdoor activities you cannot miss out on during the Belgian summer season. Don’t forget your sunscreen!
Thumbnail for Springtime Entertainment in Brussels

Springtime Entertainment in Brussels

February 27, 2024
The capital city of Belgium is an amazing place to explore as a solo traveller, or if you’re with your family & kids. While snow-covered city streets are beautiful to see, there is a different kind of magic when you head over during spring season; when nature is blooming! Besides the Easter festivities, here are some fun ways you can enjoy Brussels during the Spring season and make the best of your trip. Have fun!

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