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Things to do During Easter in Brussels

March 20, 2019
As the capital city of Belgium, Brussels is not just a tourist destination because of the well-brewed beer or the stunning European landmarks, but it is also about the chocolate produced. The decadent sweets are produced all throughout Belgium and serve as excellent temptations for local and international visitors, especially during the Easter celebrations. Read more and learn how you can enjoy Easter in Brussels!
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Head Over to Brussels in the Month of March

March 09, 2019
If you are a person who detests cold European weather, then March is the perfect time to begin planning your holiday to the Belgian capital of Brussels. Brussels is known for its decadent gastronomic cuisine, as well as the chocolate and beer specially made. When you plan a trip to Brussels in March, be sure to read up on all the interesting things you can do when you come to visit this city.
Thumbnail for Brussel’s Most Popular Breakfast Spots

Brussel’s Most Popular Breakfast Spots

February 28, 2019
Popularly known among visitors for their chocolate and beer, Brussels has made a name for itself among the food and beverage industry. While there may be plenty of tourist attractions for you to see, there are still plenty of ways to explore the Belgian culture, especially through food. Now if you are planning on making the most of your travels, grab a heavy breakfast meal at one of these spots and be energised throughout the day.
Thumbnail for Brussel’s Top 5 Dance Clubs and Disco Bars

Brussel’s Top 5 Dance Clubs and Disco Bars

February 19, 2019
The nightlife in Brussels is as happening as the other parts of European cities. The city boasts many good nightclubs and dancing bars where one can go for dancing or just for chilling out with friends around a table with drinks. From Techno, Electro, R ’n’ B to Ragga and Salsa, here in Brussels you will get many options of music to groove to. When you travel to the capital city, check out the places below and head over there with your friends for a good time.

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