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Must-Have Food in Brussels

June 17, 2019
Belgium’s most densely populated city bustles with amazing places to eat, drink and make merry. Brussels offers a decedent culinary landscape that has flavours for all palates; here visitors are truly spoilt for choice. Here are 5 must-haves from Brussels:
Thumbnail for Enjoy Brussels’s Nightlife with an Exciting Pub Crawl

Enjoy Brussels’s Nightlife with an Exciting Pub Crawl

June 10, 2019
There is truly nothing more exciting than beer freshly brewed at a bar, and some decadent chocolate as you finish up your meal. In Brussels, you get the best of both worlds! The Belgian capital has some wonderful and interesting sightseeing spots for travellers, and the nightlife in Brussels definitely gets your feet tapping! While exploring the city, why not try a pub crawl tour to save up some money and still have fun.
Thumbnail for Best Walking Tours to Enjoy in Brussels

Best Walking Tours to Enjoy in Brussels

May 30, 2019
Belgian hospitality is famous all over the world, as is the heavenly divine Belgian chocolates and the excellent brewed Belgian beer. While all of this definitely makes the nightlife in Brussels more interesting, there are many more fun things to experience when you visit Brussels. Forego the cars and the bikes and go old-fashioned by taking a walking tour around Brussels. With many exciting packages, you surely cannot miss out on the fun!
Thumbnail for Brussel's Top Luxury Hotels to Stay At

Brussel's Top Luxury Hotels to Stay At

May 16, 2019
Besides the exquisite architecture and historic landmarks, Brussels is also known for its well-brewed beer and decadent tasting chocolates. As you go about touring this European city, pamper yourself during the break by checking out Brussel’s best luxury hotels. Get ready to splurge and enjoy a taste of the Belgian hospitality as you relax and unwind during your vacation to Brussels. Belgium.

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