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We are sure you have been to Brussels before, but for a business trip. Now it's time for a pleasure trip to Brussels! Brussels Cruises welcome you to explore rural areas that are as interesting as urban areas in Brussels. Unique sights like the small windmill villages that are found along the highlands are great souvenirs. Cities like Bruges, Ghent boast old-fashioned paved streets, gabled houses and more than 200 bridges over rivers and canals.

Exploring such an interesting city by a Brussels cruise is a bit adventurous as the cruises pass by the rivers and canals with unpredictable underwater currents. To help choose the right Brussels Cruise that suits your requirements, cruising companies in Brussels offer wide range of packages. Here are two prominent options for Brussels Cruising.

Brussels Cruises along Smaller Cruise Routes:
To explore villages along the rivers and other rural areas with a beautiful view of the landscape that surround Brussels, enthusiasts and adventurous tourists should step up on Brussels cruise that follows the local canal and rivers. Such cruise routes experience a bit more adventures as cruisers have to get in touch with the locals to benefit from their knowledge of directions and wisdom of local weather/wind patterns.

Brussels Cruises along Established Cruise Routes:
Travelling by a cruise to Brussels is a mesmerizing experience. Getting to Brussels by cruise becomes easy if you are in Amsterdam, Antwerp or Rotterdam as most of the international cruising companies offer packaged tours to Antwerp and Rotterdam as a part of one-day cruises. Any cruise to Brussels from these destinations follows standard or customized and popular routes. On the way to Amsterdam, Brussels Cruises offer unforgettable, stunning sights of a windmill village on the flat lands at Kinderdijkon. Cruising by these routes includes glimpses of the historical landmarks like Grand Place, Atomium, Manneken Pis, Japanese Tower and the Royal Palace. If included in a package, you can also embark beautiful beaches such as Bruxelles-les-Bains beach.

You can also explore this city by availing Brussels car rental services.