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Brussels Travel Tips

Many tourists travel to the multicultural city of Brussels every year. Belgium's capital city offers an interesting variety of museums, events, historic centres, shops, markets and plenty of restaurants. It is not just famous for its landmarks but also for its local food items like Belgian chocolate, waffles, French fries and a wide range of beers.

Let us dig a bit deeper and know more about some handy travel tips like the tipping etiquettes, transportation facilities, emergency phone numbers and also some useful safety precautions. These guidelines will surely help you to enjoy your holiday to the fullest with very less or no troubles.

Getting Around in Brussels

A guided walking tour is the best way to explore Brussels because most of the sights are located close to each other. Other modes of exploring the city are trams, buses, rental cars, bikes or taxis.

Visit our blog to know more about how to get around in Brussels in details.

City Transport

City Transport

Most of the public transportation is operated by the STIB (Société des Transports intercommunaux bruxellois). To get more details about the city transportation, free network maps are available at the metro stations and tourist offices. The best way to explore the city is to travel via the ground tram, which is also known as pré-métro. It is very efficient and is rarely affected by the city traffic.

There are also Brussels cards available to explore this most enthralling capital city of Belgium. This card offers unlimited travel on the metro, bus and tram network. As well as free entry to major museums, discounts in restaurants, bars, shops, tourist attractions and tours, and also for the Atomium. A free guidebook is also provided.


Generally, service charges and tips are included in the prices of the restaurant, hotel bills and included in the taxi fares. Additional tips can be given just to appreciate the good service or to round up the bill to a whole number. Tipping is not compulsory in Brussels but it is normally expected at a few famous tourist spots.


Brussels is considered a safe city to travel to but its surrounding areas are prone to crime especially in the late hours of the night. Avoid displaying expensive items and do not get involved with a small gang roaming the streets.

To explore the city at night it is always advisable to travel in a group especially in public spaces like using the metro or buses. In some famous tourist areas, beware of pickpockets or bag snatchers particularly whilst asking for the directions to the nearby attractions. Few places like Schaarbeek, North and Center Brussels should be avoided.


As other major cities of Europe, smoking is prohibited at airports and in public transportation such as buses, metro or railway. Many people prefer to smoke in Belgium so most of the restaurants or cafes offer a separate smoking zone for smokers. Cigarettes are freely available in the supermarkets, shops or newspaper stands.

When to Travel to Brussels


Belgium is a typical sea-climate country and therefore a city like Brussels has a warm and pleasant atmosphere in the late spring months to autumn months. In the summer season, this city experiences warm long days along with the pleasing and mild nights. During the winter season, the weather is mild and heavy rainfall is expected. Mid-winter can be a lot colder with snowfall and on an average only 3 hours of sunshine daily.

Best time to visit Brussels is from May to October.

Emergency Numbers

Calling Code+32 2
Area Code02
Fire / Emergency MedicalT 100
EmergencyT 112
Federal PoliceT101
Red CrossT105
Helpline02 648 40 14
-NationalT 1307 / 1234

Important Phrases

Good MorningBonsoirGoedemorgen
Good EveningBonjourGoeden avond
Good NightBonne nuitGoedenacht
Thank youMerciDank u wel
PleaseS'il vous plaitAlstublieft
Excuse meExcusez-moiNeem mij niet kwalijk
Bye byeAu revoirTot ziens
Can you help me?Pouvez-vous m'aider?Kunt u mij helpen?
I am sorryJe suis désoléHet spijt
I am looking forJe chercheIk ben op zoek naar
Where isOu se trouveWaar is
How muchCombien couteHoeveel kost
My name isJe m'appelleIk heet / Mijn naam is
I am fromJe viens deIk ben van
I am lostJe suis perduIk ben verloren
French Fries with Mayonnaise, pleaseUne frite-mayonnaise, s'il vous plaitfrietjes met mayonnaise, alstublieft

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