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Brussels Geography



Brussels is located in the north-central part of Belgium, about 180km (110mi) from the southern tip of Belgium. Belgium is surrounded by countries like Germany, Luxembourg, France and the Netherlands in Western Europe. Brussels is bordered by the Wallonia and Flanders, enclosed by the Valley of Senne River. Brussels' central boulevards are 15m (49ft) above sea level.

There are 19 municipalities of the Brussels-Capital region, all with their postal codes, including regions such as the city of Brussels, Anderlecht, Evere, Koekelberg, Jette, and Ganshoren, among many others.

The city of Brussels (French: Ville de Bruxelles / Bruxelles-Ville; Dutch: Stad Brussel/ Brussel-Stad) is the largest municipality and historical centre of the Brussels-Capitial Region. It is also the capital of the Flemish Region and Belgium. It is shaped roughly like a pentagon and is surrounded by wide boulevards (Petit Ring) built on the site of old city walls. The city of Brussels covers its outskirts within the greater Brussels-Capital Region, namely Haren, Laeken, Neder-Over-Heembeek, Avenue Louise/Louizalaan and the Bois de la Cambre/Ter Kamerenbos park.

City of Brussels 50° 51′ 0″ N, 4° 21′ 0″ E
Capital Region of Brussels 50° 50′ 48″ N, 4° 21′ 9″ E


Due to its proximity to the coast, Brussels experiences an oceanic climate with moderately cold winters and warm summers. Brussels-Capital Region experiences approximately 135 days of rain in a year and around 24 days of snowfall. The city also experiences thunderstorms in the summer.

May and September are the best months to visit the city. The warmest months are July and August, when the temperatures can reach as high as 35°C (95°F), although they can also be the wettest, with heavy rain. There is also plenty of rain during the winter, and temperatures drop to 4-7°C (39-45°F).


Average temperature per month in Brussels

MonthHigh°C (°F)Low°C (°F)MonthHigh°C (°F)Low°C (°F)
Jan5 (41)1 (34)July23 (73)14 (57)
Feb6 (43)2 (36)Aug23 (73)14 (57)
Mar10 (50)4 (39)Sep19 (66)12 (54)
Apr14 (57)6 (43)Oct14 (57)8 (46)
May18 (54)9 (48)Nov9 (48)5 (41)
June20 (68)12 (54)Dec6 (43)3 (37)

Population & Employment

The Brussels-Capital Region inhabits approximately 1.2 million people. It is said that today the population of Brussels is younger, and there is a more significant gap between the rich and poor. There are mainly French and Dutch people living in Brussels, but many foreigners have been to the capital region over the last decade. There is also a large community of Muslims and Africans.

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