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Exploring the marvellous city of Brussels by car is an unforgettable experience. One can rent a car in Brussels to drive it in the city or countryside. Availing Brussels car hire services is a smart option to drive in the countryside where public transport is not easily accessible. It is advisable to know the rules and pre-requisites before getting in your car and start driving in Brussels.

Basic Traffic Regulations

Most of the traffic rules in Brussels are similar to those in the rest of Europe. Traffic or road signs are either in Dutch or in French in Brussels. One should drive on the right and overtake from the left. Legal minimum age for driving is 18 years. Valid and legal Belgian driving license, other EU country and International driving license accompanied by a valid foreign driving license are acceptable in Brussels, Belgium.

When travelling by car; carrying driving license, insurance certificate, vehicle registration documents, proof of payment of road tax and radio tax is mandatory. All the vehicles should also have a warning triangle, first aid kit, fire extinguisher and a reflective vest.

Wearing a seatbelt is compulsory for all the passengers while travelling in a car. Babies or children must travel in a car seat in accordance with the rules. Children measuring less than 1.35 meters must travel in an adapted car seat.

Speeding is heavily fined in Belgium. Speed traps, cameras and unmarked police cars or vehicles regularly monitor the traffic.

Parking of a vehicle is forbidden within 15 meters of a tram, bus or rail stop or near where the tram or rail lines cross the road.

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is considered as a crime and is subject to heavy penalty or confiscation of license for long or short periods of time depending upon the level of consumption.

Easy & Economical

Brussels car hire services offer a wide range of luxury cars as well as small cars on rent at competitive charges. When planning to rent a car in Brussels, one should be aware of authenticity of the company and validity of insurance of the vehicle. offers some excellent options for car rental Brussels with a variety of vehicles and economical choices.

Freedom & Choice

Choosing car rental Brussels services can be beneficial for the families travelling with kids as they offer a freedom to choose the type of vehicle or car, the destinations, privacy of travelling in one’s own vehicle and the time of departure.

Along with car rentals, hotel booking is an essential part of travelling. For the latest deals on Hotels in Brussels click here.

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