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Discover the cultural hub of Europe, which seamlessly blends the Flemish North and the French South to create a culture which is vibrant and rich at the same time. The city has also been enriched by many foreign influences which have only added to its never-ending charm. The numerous attractions, structures and institutions in the city will keep you blissfully engaged.

The people in the city are great art and performance aficionados, and the multiple theatres, museums and exhibition centres will testify of the same. However, if you are more of a movie buff you can check out the numerous movie theatres and multiplexes that screen all sorts of movies around the world.




Aeroplastics Contemporary is a unique gallery which holds thematic exhibitions by using media modes like installations and video. It...

Baronian Xippas

Albert Baronian and Renos Xippas have founded 'Baronian Xippas' gallery in Brussels. It is located in the former space of Albert Baronian gallery, this gallery is a collaboration between two major contemporary artists. gallery world.


Ommegang Festival

The Ommegang Festival holds a very important position in Belgium's historic and cultural events and is held in honour of Charles...

Zinneke Parade

Since the millennium year of 2000, when the Zinneke Parade started, it has become the craziest festival of Brussels. Held in May every...


Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium

One of the must visit places, is the Royal Museums of Fine Arts located at the southern part of Cinquantenaire Park's U-shaped...

Museum of Natural Sciences

Museum of Natural Sciences (French: Muséum des sciences naturelles) located at Rue Vautier 29 in Brussels is a huge and a renowneds...


Brussels Expo - Heizel

Brussels Expo - Plateau du Heysel (French) holds about hundred events each year which is visited by about 2 million visitors. The Brussels...

SQUARE Brussels Meeting Centre

SQUARE Brussels meeting Centre is located in Mont-des-Artes which is an area combining culture, business and leisure. The Meeting...

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