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Must Do Activities

6 Must-Do Summer Activities in Brussels

Grand Place Brussels
Grand Place Brussels. Credit: Pixabay/3345557

The city of chocolate never felt sweeter! That’s right, summer and sunlight are slowly dawning on Brussels. This warm weather is your perfect excuse to step outdoors and soak in that Vitamin D. Whether you’re booking a flight or need help planning an entertaining holiday, we’ve got you covered. Read more to find out outdoor activities you cannot miss out on during the Belgian summer season. Don’t forget your sunscreen!

Take a Guided Tour

Summer is the time you can head outdoors and walk around the city streets. From guided walking tours to segway tours and even cycling trips, there are plenty of group tours that give you a chance to wander around the city while being guided by a local. Be sure to book in advance as these things can get crowded & full!

Visit the Cultural Landmarks

For all our history and art lovers, we have the perfect solution if you're not into concerts or large crowds. Check out public exhibitions at local galleries or visit museums for a free guided tour as well. This way you can learn more about Brussels & Belgium and get a chance to mix & mingle with locals and artists. Win-win!

Explore the Villages

Ghent. Credit: Pexels/Magda Ehlers

If summer crowds are not something you might enjoy, then you can easily rent a car and head to one of the nearby towns and villages for a quiet getaway. Ghent and Antwerp are amazing places if you're looking to visit Belgium while staying in Brussels.

Try Outdoor Dining

Summertime is when nature is blooming, the sun is out, kids & adults are spending time walking about and the city is its liveliest! If you're among the few who love observing people, then visit any of the city's popular restaurants that have outdoor dining. Not only will you get to eat delicious food, but have an amazing view as well!

Celebrate with a Picnic

What better way to enjoy summer than by visiting the local park for a picnic with the family? Pack up some light bites to eat and grab fun games you can play while out in the open. It's the perfect time for a bonding session with the family. Your kids will love spending that extra quality time!

Have Fun at Local Events

A major reason why you need to plan your summer holiday in Brussels is because of the popular events that the city occasionally hosts. Check out Festival Musiq'3 or the XRDS Festival if you're looking to have a good time. The best part is more events keep popping up for you to add to your list of exciting activities!

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