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Things to Do in Brussels During the Fall

Brussels in fall
Credit: Piqsels

The capital city of Brussels has wonderful attractions and sightseeing landmarks to visit and explore, but none are as popular as the decadent dessert shops and bars serving Belgium’s finest brew. And autumn is the perfect time to head outdoors and watch the city's nature change colour. If you have been feeling a little bored with simple walks or sitting indoors, here are some fun things to try out this fall in Brussels.

Sip on the Local Brew

Beer in Brussels is quite popular, especially since most bars in the city tend to brew their unique brand. If you are a fan of beer and don’t prefer the supermarket ones, definitely wear a mask and head over to your favourite restaurant or bar to give you a pint of what you crave the most!

Walk around in the City Park

Botanical garden, Brussels
Botanical garden, Brussels during fall. Credit: PD Photo

Brussels has some amazing natural locations for you to escape the city and enjoy the beauty at its finest. Try taking a walk or spending the day at Brussels Park, and breathe in the fresh and crisp cool autumn air. You won’t be disappointed!

Warm-up with Sweets

Grab a bite to eat at the local cafes in Brussels, or head over to your house and enjoy a nice cup of hot chocolate with your loved ones. Watch a movie, have fun during dinner and spend the evening with your closest and dearest, enjoying a good time.

Explore the Indoor Attractions

Besides maintaining social distance at the parks, another way to enjoy Brussels without heading out in the cool weather is by visiting the local museums and art galleries that are open to the public. Choose places with less crowd, and wear a mask if required.

Bundle up and Watch the Sunset

Belgian autumn weather can be cooler than normal, especially while heading out for an outdoor stroll. Take a coat or two, and bundle up as you spend some time at the local parks to enjoy the fall sunset as you watch the colour-changing sky. Spending time in the fresh air, day and night can do wonders!

Try out some amazing things you can do in the Belgian capital of Brussels, this upcoming Fall.

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