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The Technology Behind A Better Night's Sleep

smart phone on a bed
Credit: Unsplash

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, most of us are struggling just to keep our head above water. This leaves very little room for a proper night's rest. In fact, most people probably couldn't even tell you the last time they had one. That's all about to change, though, with the incredible inventions arising from the latest technology.

Here Comes the Sun

The amount of light that's in the room and what activates we do before going to bed can have an adverse effect on how well we sleep. Many of us like to play games like live blackjack at Mansion before putting our head on the pillow at night. Studies show that creating a time in the dark after you use a device and before you go to sleep will significantly impact sleep quality. It’s the same concept as keeping a light on while you sleep. Don't fret, though. You now have total control over the kind of light that does or does not, permeate your bedroom. 

Perhaps you've heard of the latest light therapy technology that works to alleviate the symptoms of those who suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Well, there's now a technology that can do something similar with the light cycles when you sleep. 

You can use smart bulbs to set up a complete sleep routine. From going to bed to waking up, you can control how the light in your bedroom works. You can lay your head to rest with a very subtle lighting ambience. Then, you can wake up to a warmer, more yellow tone that resembles sunlight. This is especially helpful if you live in an area where you don't get a lot of natural light in your bedroom.

This Isn't Your Baby's Lullaby

Not all of us have the luxury of living in a quiet place, where when we lay our head down at night, all we hear are the sounds of our own thoughts. Nope. Some of us live in the city or near a railroad crossing. Some of us are just annoyed by the sound of a dripping faucet. That's when the Nightingale comes in handy. 

The Nightingale sleep system is a white noise device that helps drown out the sounds keeping you awake at night. It's able to mask both indoor and outdoor sounds, so you can have a better night's sleep. It's considered to be one of the better white noise devices available. 

Solo Sleep Study

Did you know that you can learn more about the way you sleep, all by wearing an electronic device? There are devices out there that will tell you how much REM sleep you got, how much you tossed and turned, what your heart rate was during the night, and much more. It's almost eerie how much information you can find out about yourself. 

The idea behind learning more about the way you sleep is that it can help you. After all, knowledge is power. If you know there are certain times you start stirring, maybe you can make adjustments. It could be your sleep position or a noisy roommate who comes home late at night. There could be things going on while you sleep that you don't even realize. 

Even Our Beds Are Getting Smart

If you don't want to wear a device that will monitor your sleep habits, then how about sleeping on something that will? Believe it or not, there are now "smart" mattresses that will monitor your heart rate, REM sleep, and everything in between. It has a big leg up over a wearable device, too.

Your smart mattress can detect when you're snoring. It can then elevate you or adjust the firmness of the mattress itself, in order to open up your airways. This is supposed to help you stop snoring. This might be the first mattress ever created that could actually save relationships. 

There's a plethora of technology available today that could help you get a better night's sleep. Which one are you willing to try?

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