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Fun Family Experiences to Try in Brussels

Mini Europe
Mini-Europe. Credit: Dimitris Vetsikas/Pixabay

What makes a holiday that much more memorable? It isn’t the souvenirs or the fancy shopping, and it also isn’t the tours you take. A true vacation is memorable when you have enjoyed it with your family! Whether you have kids or are travelling with parents to Brussels, we definitely recommend trying one or all of these activities for a fun family time. You can choose based on the level of energy you need, and make some fantastic memories in return! Happy travels!

Exploring Mini-Europe

Opened in 1989, Mini-Europe in Brussels is a uniquely popular attraction because it showcases all of Europe's most iconic landmarks. Built-in 1:25 scale, here you'll find train rides, erupting volcanoes, windmills and other fun things to do. Do take your kids for a fun and knowledgeable travel all across Europe- right here in Brussels!

Watching a Puppet Show

In case you didn't know, the Royal Theatre of Toone has a fun night arranged for puppet shows for kids and adults. A Brussels tradition, this weekly merriment is something every local looks forward to! Book your tickets in advance because the shows are almost always packed without crowds of children and their doting parents.

Try Thrilling Activities

For children who are energetic or for parents looking to try out something different, you can check out Virtual Room Games or even Axe Throwing. From rock climbing to casinos, there's so much to do depending on the age and the preferences of kids and their parents. And if you're looking for a safe choice, the local museums and galleries have many interactive experiences you can see and check out.

Have a Chocolate-y Adventure

Credit: Pxhere

Brussels is well-known for having some of the best Belgium chocolate. From local boutique stores to popular chocolatiers, most offer chocolate tours where you can get to see a behind-the-scenes look at all things chocolate making. Try your hand-making sweet treats and indulge in them guilt-free! It's the perfect family day spent in Brussels!

Enjoying Escape Room

Do you have teenagers who want to do something fun? Try spending more time with them or send them off to enjoy the Escape Room experience. You can even try it out with other friends for a memorable activity. With plenty of options from Dystopia Games to Get Out Brussels, you'll have options to try out with different difficulty levels.

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