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Top 3 Cocktail Bars in Brussels

Credit: Pixabay

When in Brussels, a visit to the bar or pub is a must.  Belgium, beer is quite well known across the world, we have written about the top 3 cocktails bars in Brussels, that showcase people’s talent in mixing and creating new and interesting drinks that cater to both, locals and tourists.

Life is Beautiful – Cocktail Bar

Run by a couple, this bar offers a high standard of cocktail drinks. The atmosphere is not too loud and creates the perfect intimate, cosy setting for spending time and enjoying a beverage. The food and drinks are set up at decent prices with a wide variety of their menu including non-alcoholic beverages. A must-visit for anyone wanting to see art and taste combined together.

La Pharmacie Anglaise

While in Brussels and you want to try out something classier and offering a little luxury then this bar is the place to visit. With helpful service and knowledgeable staff, this place is a mixology haven. The interiors provide an intimate atmosphere, and the drinks here vary considerably from scotch, gin, and mezcal.

Green Lab

This cosy and stylish bar is the perfect hangout for sitting out and drinking with your friends. One of the trademarks of this particular bar is their extensive and well-made preparations of Gin & Tonic and Beer with a lot of variety. Decently priced, this place on the weekends is perfect for enjoying the local party scene.

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