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Take a Belgian Beer Tasting Tour in Brussels

Credit: Pixabay

Brussels is widely known for its historic architecture. While the beautiful cityscape and the wonderful culture around. Read on below on how to make the most of the city you are visiting, while still having a good time, whether with family or friends.

Belgium is widely known for its craft beer. Going pub hopping is a sure-shot way of tasting the well-known drinks Brussels has to offer, why not try going on a Guided Beer Tasting Tour? This way, one can learn something completely new and different and also enjoy exploring the city. Check out the best bars serving some pretty awesome beer!

This guided tour is roughly 2.5 hours long and starts off at the heart of Brussels by evening 6 pm. Walk around in groups, and you also have a learned instructor explaining the different brews Belgium has. While you are sipping and tasting the beer, a beer expert, will even educate on how to tell the exact difference between a Belgian beer and a beer produced from other countries. With this tour, you will also learn about the various types of beer prepared in this country.  Around 1000 plus different types of beers produced in this country!

Explore the city during the day, and follow the guide through the bustling streets at night, while you learn about the iconic bars of the city and enjoy a taste of the most traditional abbey beer in Brussels called as Trappist ale.

Visit Brussels, and enjoy a completely unique perspective on the term, ‘drinking with friends’. And what is even more fun is that you drink and learn at the same time! Happy travelling.

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