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Things to Do While Solo Travelling to Brussels

solo tourist brussels
Credit: Max Pixel

Do you consider yourself a lone wolf? Or maybe simply crave adventure and exploring new cities, which your friends may not care for. Either way, the city of Brussels is the perfect destination for solo travellers to explore an often, overlooked city of Europe. Read more to find out the things that you can do during solo travels in the capital of Belgium.

Have the Local Beer

Famed for their beer you definitely must have a sip; or two, as you mingle with the locals at some of the popular spots for nightlife in Brussels. If you don’t like partying then check out some local bars or restaurants that serve drinks in an environment that you are comfortable with.

Book a Guided Tour

Brussels is an ideal place for someone looking to travel solo. There are several tours from food and beer tasting, local attractions to even visiting scenic spots at the outskirts of the city. The choice is limitless!


Learn the Culture

Sometimes soaking in the culture of a place isn’t just talking to locals or having local cuisine or even seeing the local attractions. In fact, in most cases, it is helpful to visit the library or bookstore and skim through the readily available information to help you understand the city and its people. Plus, bookstores are also a great place for people watching!

Grab your tickets and head on over to Brussels for a memorable holiday!

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