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What You Need to Know Before Visiting Brussels

Lac du Bois de la Cambre
Credit: GdML / CC BY-SA 4.0

Thinking of Travelling to Brussels, the capital city of Belgium? You must have made your flight reservations, hotel bookings and travel shopping already. However, to get you intimately acquainted with the city please go through our article.

Green city

The city is green and has abundant lush vegetation which makes up for a great relaxing space. It also has numerous parks and gardens like the Mont Des Arts garden, Bois de la Cambre, the Petit Salon Square, Park du Cinquantenaire, etc. where one can spend some quality time with loved ones.

Local Markets

Brussels has some exceptional local markets where you can find impressive antiques, delicious local food, local crafts, artefacts, etc. For sustainable organic produce, visit the ‘Marche de Tanneurs’, and Jeu de Belle for antiques. You may come across something unique at the markets here that will be treasured forever.


Be it a music festival or a food event, the city is always busy celebrating something. Being one of the most vibrant cities in Europe the city is the focal point of many important events which travellers can attend.

The Land of Statues             

The statues in the city are popular attractions and some famous ones are also dressed on special occasions. For example, the Manneken Pis is dressed beautifully during the festivals.

The Weather

The weather here is quite temperamental and ‘sunny’ can change into ‘rainy’ within minutes. However, that will never be a problem while exploring the city.   

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