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Explore Brussels in December

Credit: Flickr / Steve Cadman / CC BY-SA 2.0

Winter is here and so is the time to start planning for holidays. Europe may not be the preferred option for many who want to work on their tan, but if you love a white Christmas then you will surely love Brussels. With abundant snowfall, the atmosphere in this Belgian city becomes quite electric. Early December is an ideal time to plan out a vacation and explore Brussels .

Similar to many cities of Europe Brussels welcomes snow and ice and with that, ice skating rinks and the loud chatter of families and friends gathering to have a fun time. You can check out the local attractions but we have written about some unique ways that you can explore Brussels this December to enjoy a European winter experience.

Church-hop through Brussels

The city of Brussels has lots of old Gothic churches in almost every part. Just walk through the streets and stop by some of the well-known cathedrals or visit the local church closest to where you are staying. Each one is unique, and is built for a specific purpose. See the fantastic architecture even if you are not that spiritual. It’s also a good spot for pictures!

The Christmas Markets

With the beginning of winter, preparations begin for Christmas. As people begin scouring the city for the perfect presents, Christmas markets provide the one-stop destination for everything you need to buy. The markets are located all around the city,buy souvenirs, crafts and even snack on some treats!

Enjoy the Belgian Food

Belgian chocolate is well known all around, and when visiting Brussels you must forget your calories and gorge on the delicious food that this city has to offer. Explore some of the best chocolate shops in the city, or try their local buttery, chocolate caramel waffle.

Make a local friend before you check out Brussels in an entirely different light; as a local.

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