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Brussels Travel Guide: How to Get Around and What to Do

Building at Grand Place Brussels
Building at Grand Place Brussels. Credit: Unsplash/Stephanie LeBlanc

Brussels is a wonderful city that you definitely need to see with your own eyes. And it does not matter for what purpose you came to Brussels: to meet business partners, attend a conference, take a walk with friends or relax with your family. You are sure to find what you like in this city.

To make your trip to Brussels as comfortable as possible, consider in advance how you will get to the city and how you will move around the city. Brussels has a unified transport system consisting of buses, trams and the subway. Getting from one point of the city to another will not be a problem. Both locals and visitors like using bicycles for transportation and the city is equipped with bike lanes and automated rental stations. But you have to realize it's not the best idea to bring kids around the entire city on public transportation. Like riding a bike in the rain in a business suit.

In this case, regardless of the purpose of your trip, a bus rental service will be an excellent solution. With the service of coach hire in Brussels, you will not need to worry about the technical condition of the vehicle, plan your own route, refuel the vehicle, be focused and attentive while driving, as in the case of renting a car.  The bus rental service is provided with a professional driver who has extensive experience and knows the city and all its attractions, the shortest routes and detours. In addition to safety, which is achieved thanks to highly qualified drivers and well-checked vehicles, any bus company in Brussels guarantees you:

  • Timely delivery of the bus to the place of departure.
  • Affordable price and flexible terms of cooperation and payment for services.
  • Full transparency of activities. The service is performed under a pre-drawn contract, which specifies the conditions and responsibilities. Thanks to this, you avoid additional overpayments, do not face hidden fees and clearly manage your budget.
  • Personal manager and round-the-clock dispatch support.
  • Possibility of transportation at any time.

Let's focus on the essential things that need to be done in Brussels.

Things to do in the country with bus rental in Brussels

Enjoy chocolate

Belgium is not only known for its love of chocolate; it has also elevated it to the status of a major cultural phenomenon and its most valuable export. It is sufficient to note that it is produced not only in huge factories but also in numerous small family businesses, the majority of which are found in Belgium. In one day, you could travel to many of them in a rented bus. Assure you that this chocolate will be a hit with both you and your kids.

chocolates. Credit: Unsplash/Jessica Loaiza

Fall in love with national cuisine

Experienced drivers of bus rental Brussels will recommend in which restaurants you can taste authentic seafood dishes: salads made of shellfish, soup made of scallops, sole and smoked eel. Definitely give the Brussels sprouts a try. It is not a coincidence that this vegetable is named after the capital of Belgium because they are famously prepared here.

Listen to jazz

Because Adolphe Sax, the saxophone's creator, was born in Belgium, jazz is treated with a special reverence in this country. Almost all significant cities host jazz festivals. The Belgian capital, Brussels, actively participates in this, and many times a year, the best jazz can be heard right in the middle of the city. Come and enjoy this wonderful music.

playing saxophone
Saxophone. Credit: Unsplash/Jens Thekkeveettil

Visit an interesting event

The center of Europe, Brussels, is sizable and dynamic. Responsible position, lofty goals, and numerous events of a large-scale European and international nature. The artistic and creative works of other nations are frequently displayed in Brussels. international conferences, international classical music performances, and temporary exhibitions. You will without a doubt find an event you want to go to after looking through the poster.

Touch politics

Brussels is the headquarters of the European Commission, as well as the Council of the European Union. So the political life in this city is in full swing. Visit the European Parliament, see the meeting room and the parliamentarian - a contemporary exhibition about European statehood. Many politicians from all EU countries come here every day. They actively use the service of private coach hire in Brussels.

Drink the most delicious beer in the world

Belgian brewing has been included to the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage. Simply knowing this makes you want to taste the beverage. Belgium has consistently incorporated the greatest brewing practices from other nations, giving them a distinctively Belgian flavor. The beer from Belgium comes in a wide variety. It will be challenging not to try them all. Although traveling with a driver on a rented bus, you can afford it.

Beer glass. Credit: Unsplash/BENCE BOROS

In addition to these activities, Brussels has many more to offer. Therefore, it is better to come to this city for a few days or even a week. A rented bus is also great in this case, because you can use this service at any time convenient for you.

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