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Top 4 Places for Budget Foods in Brussels

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Travelling to any country, particularly in Europe can be expensive and put a hole in your wallet especially when you plan on exploring and staying in the city for a while. With budget food places in Brussels, one can explore the city with ease without having to at least worry about the food prices. Check out the top 4 places serving budget-friendly food that not only is hygienic but taste heavenly as well!

Peck 47 Cafe

A typical cafe serving the best coffee and food, visit the Peck 47 in Brussels to satisfy hunger, as you wander in the city through the day. The sandwiches are tasty, and they have large collections of hot, cold beverages along with alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails. Try their tea called Alison’s Secret Garden!

For some tasty on the go options, the Mexican burritos and empanadas are a tasty delight! Can sit and enjoy these hot treats or have them in the comfort of your home. Fast service and friendly staff make this affordable eatery a tourist and a local favourite.
Knees to Chin

There is nothing better than fresh, bite-sized food to be on the toes as you explore Brussels. Check out the Knees to Chin Restaurant and taste some of the best spring rolls! Add in a bowl of rice and some salad and you have a full, healthy meal without a dent in the wallet.
Cafe Novo

Cafe Novo is a hidden favourite in the city of Brussels. Authentic and typical Belgian food is served here at affordable rates so that no need to visit a fancy restaurant. It is a tourist-friendly place and caters to carnivores and vegetarians. Do not miss this culinary gem!
Besides the small cafes and restaurants, try cheap eats at the local food trucks which are scattered all across the city. Do not miss a chance to explore the Belgian culture when you visit Brussels and explore the city with one of the many tours available.


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